Re: Fodder for the WOMBAT

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Mar 02, 2004 at 21:04

Re: Fodder for the WOMBAT (True)

Well, hmm. I'm very slow to anger, but once I catch fire I tend to burn very hot before I cool down. There are times when I don't feel I have much to contribute, my specialization being in Biology, whereas most of the people here tend more toward physics and, er, political science. I've learned a lot here, and hope I have on occasion contributed some little thing of value. I'm very seldom offended, but I like my steak rare and my science neat and unpolluted, thank you very much. :-)

Give me some time to cool down; I'm always here when I'm needed. All you have to do is call. I'm glad to help when and where I can. I'm in the middle of a major edit/rewrite (220K words is a big file, even in RTF!) but I still get my Science fix daily. Thanks again for the kind words and thoughts. They mean a lot, really. :-)

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