Re: Fodder for the WOMBAT

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Mar 01, 2004 at 10:22

Re: Fodder for the WOMBAT (Measurement)

I was hoping that some good science would come of it. I was not insincere. I was interested in what she had to say about her son's problem. I was very put off by the doctrine and theology but thought she might leave off of it a bit if encouraged toward science in the main. My only invitation was to join in the science discussion. Somehow that seems to have been misconstrued as an invitation to use the forum for a bully pulpit to espouse all kinds of ecclesiastical agendas. I am in short dismayed to have had my courtesy so abused and misused.

Rest assured, it will be a very cold day in a very bad place before I encourage anyone to post here again, no matter how interesting I personally find their input. I don't need this kind of insult again anytime soon. I can get depressed by myself just fine, without offending what few friends I have at the same time. At one time I thought that diversity was an asset to this place, but some people seem to take the openness and freedom as a license to plaster their fears, phobias, fetishes and philosophies all over the place and smear everyone's noses in them. I don't care for being accused of sending people viruses any more than the next person, and I don't enjoy having someone else's "faith" crammed down my pixels. I could care less what god you worship, or if you worship many gods or none at all, the sign over the door says "Science spoken here" and it should be respected by all. I respect Anyman because he at least can on occasion separate the facts from the faith. But posting a review of a grandiosely religious movie on a science discussion sight is pretty much the height of crass.

Tact and diplomacy are never out of place, no matter how insultingly one may disparage them; a little bit of oenomel can go a long way in smoothing a rough way. It will be a long time before I bother to waste it on this population again; thorns are far more appropriate for this place, I think. Better yet, spikes. Railroad spikes.

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