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Re: the universe (DA Morgan)

Last rant

I agree there is a center of the Universe, a point of creation where the particle(s) shot into the void, however we may differ in our opinions in it's configuration, and I don't believe it's in a state of demise either, short or long term, but in a constant state of re-creation, using blackholes and other phenomena to reconfigure space and time, or maybe a multi-plexing of sorts. We can travel faster than light, if aided by a blackhole, but don't know where that would take us. If we could handle the gravitational effects (or even get there, for that matter), would it shoot one across a section of the universe, or bridge different parts of it's configuration. What eventually happens to the matter and energy (light) sucked in, on the other side.

Because there are signs of old carbon in 'space' only verifies there are most certainly other life forms, and great blows to a planetary body, or caused by any other major catastrophe great enough to fling chunks outside it's greater gravitational field, said matter settled into a sort of temporary suspension ... in space. Astro-bodies may crash into it, or it may float on the currents, but it remains pretty much intact once blasted out there, if nothing hits it or sucks it in, or burns it up.

My thought is that which passes through a blackhole is dismembered to it's elemental levels, and shuffled into a new creation of sorts - possibly like DNA, only on a scale and in a place we haven't learned to see yet. This would suggest the Universe itself is 'living', or an organism in it's own right.

Watching side on, at a Galaxy with a resident Blackhole, gives no evidence of what comes out the other side (trust you can provide your own resources), or where/what that other side is. What we are certain of is that they exist, as a theoretic imploding star (sometimes), or a vortex caused by cross currents within the spatial continuum, much like that in ocean currents and temperatures, atmospheric highs and lows, and water spouts. That's not to say it's a negative atmosphere, but a different one created in a way we may not yet be familiar with, enough to measure, however working on the same laws, relatively. I also interpret Helix nebulas as burned out Blackholes, or they didn't generate enough energy to vortex, so became a helix, not blasting out in a circular fashion as if meeting NO resistance, but a tubular one. Do I know this? Nope. But then neither does anyone else, but those whom perhaps have studied all the greats and charts from their inceptions. If you know, I'm all ears. For all I know something may have shot through that area of space (creation in the fueling?) so fast as to leave a vortex in it's path. We may only see it represented where it passes through certain galactic formations, in order for us to see it's path at the point matter is being pulled in, rather than the beginning or ending of that path. All are conceivable, are they not?

More so than basing all theory on a Universe only as large as we're able to see it, and certain it will implode, one day?

And I believe they will find life forms and the remnants of deceased life forms, everywhere they have the know-how to look. Here man is, trying to jump off this planet, when there's much we don't know about Planet Earth, yet. If the bottoms of our oceans were as well mapped as the stars, we would be amazed at what all we find down there, or deep into our earth, even in deep forests with it's plant life, and all resident insect and higher life forms, plus their habits, dare I suggest.

Which brings us back to those stupid monkeys we supposedly evolved from. I STILL want to know if our genetics more closely match Chimpanzee Standard, or the Bonobo. The cross between the two could explain the vast difference in ethics as practiced by the Bonobo, but completely missed by the Chimpanzee Standard. If genetics can't yet tell us that, then they can't make such outrageous claims without SOME solid evidence (besides Darwin, whom was a Christian, but only understood the mechanics of cross-pollinations and cataloguing variants - not explaining genetic diversity nor making an adequate case for evolution, in my opinion). If any one tried to pull one off like that, or the Piltdown man, today, they would be laughed at due faulty evidence or lack of substantial evidence. Not as much evidence was then required, obviously, nor scrutiny and testing, as today, for detections of fraud and mischief (not that I thought Darwin a fraud or mischievous).

But it doesn't explain all of humanities diverse presentations/social structures, only starting to blend into the proverbial melting pot, because they can cross pollinate.

The best modern science can do is put the case two different single celled microbes evolved into all the plants and animals we see in residence today, all those that came before us, and, therefore, after us. WHY just microbes - what other influences and lower life forms playing their parts, and did they evolve, or where they created, in tact, and ready to take off running (or growing and reproducing in kind) and filling a niche. Did they produce variants. Absolutely. More evidence is now available life forms spring up to meet a specific need, then die back down, don't mutate to another form, but withdraws until contions present for it's viability to kick in. Nanobes have been found that consume plastic, so which came first? Were they already there, or were they laying in wait for this new form of food supply. However more measures have been put into place to encourage breeding within one's group, as evidenced by eatinghabits, living patterns, bird calls, mating rituals, and interactions with plant pollinations, etc. It's more amuzing to parallel human behavour to that of animals - only too funny.

No references are provided as this is speculative brainstorming, allowed to others without support, hence voiced it to solicit thoughtful feedback (links) to set me straight. Go for it, ARose ... Tell me all!

No replies required - checking out ... (great sigh of relief)

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