Re: extrasolar planet heats its sun!

Posted by Uncle Al on Jan 09, 2004 at 10:38

Re: extrasolar planet heats its sun! (anyman)

Mercury has an 88 day orbit. This baby does it in 3.09 days. It's in *real* close. The visible surface of star is where its plasma temperature and density drop low enough to be transparent. The star itself extends considerably further out.

We have problems here - energy is conserved. If the planet is that close to its star, why isn't its orbit inspiralling from energy loss through electromagnetic coupling and frank air resistance (solar wind)?

With a 97 miles/second orbit, there should be one heck of an orbital energy-draining hypersonic bow shock. One is also curious about the star's Roche radius that would tidally pull apart the planet.

Uncle Al
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