Re: Fodder for the WOMBAT

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Feb 29, 2004 at 10:04

Re: Fodder for the WOMBAT (Kathy)

Um, Kathy, no offense, but, how about sticking a little closer to Science? If you have some sources, published articles, scientific studies done by researchers using documented protocols and showing data supporting your claims, bring them on. Otherwise your rambling rants are interesting but quaint. Select a point, show the research supporting it, and let's discuss it on its merits as a piece of scientific endeavor, not a religious tenet. I can get more than enough sanctimonious rumblings anytime I want just by wandering through the fundy side of town and stopping to talk to a few folks. If I can lose ten pounds in a month and a half by simply cutting grains, vegetables and fruits from my diet, something tells me vegetarianism is not going to be healthy for my life. Don't preach here, please; it's not a pulpit.

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