Re: Scientist Says Anti-Mad Cow Measure Ignored

Posted by Uncle Al on Jan 02, 2004 at 12:24

Re: Scientist Says Anti-Mad Cow Measure Ignored (Mike Kremer)

"They sealed the samples of contaminated hot dogs, put them in polyethylene bottles filled with hot castor oil then subjected them to bursts of physical pressure in a pressure chamber. The pressure bursts, ranging from 100,000 pounds per square inch to 174,000 PSI (690 MPa to 1,200 MPa), inactivated many of the prions, Brown's team said."

1) Is that anything like "killing most of the cancer?"

2) The whole thing is ludicrous. Raw beef heated is cooked beef. Castor oil has objectionable post-prandial physiological effects.

3) /_\P/_\V=energy, 1 liter-atmosphere=101.325 joules. How much would it cost to treat 1000 tonnes of beef/day at 12,000 atmospheres? Prevention is much cheaper.

Uncle Al
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