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Posted by Kathy on Feb 29, 2004 at 00:48

Re: The Evolution of Disgust (Nobody)

The Anatomy of an AVM below .... scattered all over the place under it's initial heading, when trying to present my credence with a bit of resistance.

Don't think there's yet a way to determine if this will present as isn't diagnosed until the malformation becomes expanded enough to present health problems, or so was the case before we saw the pattern. Amoral behavioural was just passed off as contrary and difficult in the extreme, and usually met with military, private and specialty schools until they abandomed ship, too.

I keep my ear to the ground on developments, and am more than familiar with the Invetro program running out of Australia.

The altruistic nature must also weigh up all possible consequences, when the genetic material isn't contributed by the two partners.

Ideally, they will eventually be able to do this in practice, not only theory, but there are a few bugs to work out, like Dolly's aging rate, and cross contamination, unforseen defects and accountability all the way down the line of reasoning.

For those whom can not reason, try logic.

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