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Kathy on Feb 28, 2004 at 21:26

Re: The Evolution of Disgust (Nobody)

And would that have detected my son's abnormalities? As yet, I think not, hence CAT or MRI scans when it's safest to administer same, AFTER birth. (Didn't show up on Untrasound NOR ambiotic fluids prior to nor when he was born. Could research reverse this, or could it be a matter of taking responsibility, now that we know. Thus far DNA only traces genetic lines in our research, and connectes with other cases, hence was dormant, in my experiences. Two dormants introduced a very strong new presentaton at approximately 50%. I've seen the same types of statistics with latent Schizophrenia.

Please correct me if I'm in error. We could be saving our children the scans if cell-sluff analysis could be conducted instead.

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