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Kathy on Feb 28, 2004 at 21:07

Re: What's with that WOMBAT (Kathleen Eykamp)

and in answer to other letters I haven't yet addressed, but will (promise)

USA was founded on the principles to practice freedom of religion, speech and assembly, in so doing requested to be PLACED under (submitting to) the ethics associated with GOD (ie UNDER GOD, before removed). This does not include impinging on other's rights and objectives, hence human rights.

It was their intent, that, to be truly Godly in origins, they wanted to found a place that allowed migrants to freely migrate to, with hope of at least establishing a model to further examine, and freedom from prosecution, in so doing. Of course, Indians, Eskimos and the like weren't considered quite yet, human, BECAUSE these whom purported Godly ways, didn't, in fact, always exhibit them in their fullest definitions. There were elements, and there were goodly, Godly men and women (on all sides) whom vigilantly fought, and continue to lay claim to keeping those initial intentions in tact. New America was to be THE place to, "Let the best Ethics policy(s) win, and reign", geographically.

Look what it's evolved to, all the input thus-far presenting. I, for one, only yearn to seek like-minds whom can freely express their well-founded opinions, and listen openly to mine. Exchange data - share findings, suggest links and healthy conversation/debate.

Does that sound like a mindless, blind or ignorant approach to use over the Internet? That, and to put one's voice to air in a constructive way? Nor did I give confidences without prior consent, but my own. I have one, tried and true test model, and a fair few in the making. Planting seeds is so much better than the ground-ripping and blood-shed we see in every variant you want to identify/justify. It is an evil that HAS invaded most of Earth's most sacred places, and now GE foods? Bad medicine? Poor policy practices and exploitation on an astronomic scale? (well, they're trying)

By the way, those whom might be interested, look up, "blood" in any Concordance, to better understand why the Bible instructs us not to let it, share it nor take it. To make it really interesting, look it up in every reference book and index on your shelf, then a search on the Internet, if you like, no matter what it's definition, then go deduce yourself, what all that is saying. Put it in pros and cons, point form and a deduction you can live with as part of your 'ethics', or a variant removed by generations, or interlopers, or just plain contamination of thought, body and/or purpose.

And those whom seem to think an animal's nervous system is dissimilar to our own has missed something in basic biology. Animals feel pain, feel good, feel bad, feel affection, feel fear, get angry, fed up, vicious, with exception to the rare few - just like humans. You can even make chickens down right contrary with enough abuse - submissive when they finally die/give up. They don't have the full range of deductive abilities as Einstein, and too often, the appendages nor up-right design, but many are equivalent to our teenagers, minus their hormones, in deductive ability. Note we use rats for human testing because their metabolisms are so similar, and one could agree we are at least a different species?

As for flora, I remember the studies on PLANTS in the 60's, where plants were wired and grown in two regulated laboratories, with all measures available to prevent cross contamination. The only difference in their environments was the music played, one lab played Beethoven, the other the Beatles. Back then even the doubters preferred Beethoven, however the plants subjected to the Beatles were hardier. If they could understand the lyrics, they were pretty powerless to do anything about it, but it was deduced it was the variety in sounds. They then conducted experiments on un-wired plants, inflicting 'injury', to find to their horror, all the plants in the other room felt that (were wired). Plant studies have moved from there. If your food sources are plants, preservation must be part of your ethics, both in what you grow and what parts you can eat - and what about them makes them good for us. You also learn you don't have to kill the host, figurative nor literally, as you eat some of it, plant more, and improve your stock by introducing other heritage plants as they become available. If I find a worm in my apple I pluck it out and return it to the ground - more power to him, as I use garlic as a deterrent. I cut away the part damaged, return it to the ground also, then eat the rest, with exception to the stem (ground again). What was eaten in the before referred to, "Garden of Eden", wasn't an apple but something that tasted so good, it just has to be food - no matter what the warnings on the label (and, in our modern case, the absence of them). God said no, and why; Satan said it tastes good (which it did), and planted doubt, so they did. They banked, each in their own time, on bad odds, and I still see that in greater man today. His early demise is usually by his own hand on fork, or other self-destructive habits and behaviours (ethics), but mostly to those whom believe in the hype, not long term consequences, nor driven to find out for themselves.

And why does man insist on planting the "die" equation into everything, including the universe. It's not like we don't have examples of aquatic and land life that doesn't have a use by date, grows and breeds until it's demise, by predation, introduced elements into their environment (mass beachings - which I suspect is a form of mass-suicide, to escape the PAIN) or environmental change resulting to ours or resulting from past interventions. Many we've lost and we'll never know of fully, but many still exist. Why COULDN'T we have been created perfect, but for choice, which wasn't supposed to be a fault, but a reality God was well aware existed, as has had His own battles with the damned thing. What He learned, much like ourselves, He professed. Only he didn't forget, yet redirected us, due to bad circumstances/choices or whatever, together with the inevitable consequences, in some cases, and possible ones in others, and He was right.

We are still left to deduce if He pulled away, leaving them to their own devices to 'deduce', therefore stopped intervening so they (humanity) COULD learn. Unfortunate, but too true, still. Teaching is repetition, example, do it, over and over, which is how we make our own children "accountable". Or they can, and often are, spoiled them beyond return, expecting to always get bailed out - hangers on, and bad omens. I call it another expressions of the sins falling on the sons.

When He stopped cracking the whip, taking out whole populations so corrupt as not to be able to find but a hand-full that had ANY Ethics, men self'-appointed themselves to take up weapons, sometimes in His defence, or offence, noting, of course, Christ never took up arms - ever, and only ate lamb at the Passover, as was HIS last Supper, his being the LAST PASSOVER (animal sacrifice). The Passions of Christ, perhaps a bit over stated, does identify what happens when others pop up that make the rest look like hypocrites and Blasphemers. He didn't say it, so much as showed it, and his reputation proceeded him, and he died at 32 for it, even young by their age standards. Those converted spent their lives spreading his messages (unarmed) until their deaths (most equally as brutal as Christs, for their efforst), their ancestors and associates left to write it down. Having been written down (by whomever and with what accreditations I know not either) matched the prescribes set down in the Old Testament, the New Testament's intent to put an end to killing, sacrificing, and take up a change in thinking that was fully ethical, in it's purest definitions set out, through-out. Common sense stuff, like the 10 Commandments. He must have been working with some twisted minds to feel it necessary to GIVE those 10 Commandments, which says more for His tolerance than ours. There are many other NON-Biblical historical accounts, such as Josephus, that only support the Biblical ones, and written quite independently and under very different circumstances. Science is forever being confounded by their defiance and the quandry they represent, because they keep finding confirmations more often than not. Try the Sign Infinity - not a horizontal 8 but a continuum, where I keep hearing such things can't exist, while truly believing we're all living within one. Like, what about infinity vs eternity is so understandable ... if our original model was designed to live forever, with greater places to move up through? Or lesser if left to be blown in the wind .... like thistledown - easily lead, or fooled. He GAVE us guidance because we were like sheep, in need of it, hence shepherding and husbandry. Not domination but dominion, there being quite a difference ...

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