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Kathleen Eykamp on Feb 28, 2004 at 18:13

Re: Feo: Ethics (Pasti)

NOT just defined by the Bible, but deduced, and further supported by the Bible, read in it's entirety and even objectively (if possible). The Bible leaves you plenty of room to "deduce", draw parrellels, letting YOU connect the dots, but you can't scatter them.

Nor did my faith seem to confine me, but freed me. My extracurricular studies. activities and 'demands' stimulated a lot of outside input, not recommended by many "religions". They see it as "temptation", where I call it education, self informing.

My family were atheists but had ethics, only slightly altered from the Biblical, but then they both CAME from Christian parenting, in the fullest definition of the word, so were influenced. I was second generation, influenced, but felt rather out of place from the beginning. I once prayed to God to explain why I was looking out of these eyes and each of them out of their's. It occured to me the numbers involved, considering all the people on this earth, plus those whom had departed, since the beginning. It further occurred to me there is no upper limit to counting the same way. I was a math whiz so could, likewise, not understand why no one else was 'getting it' (I was then 6). It then occurred to me I could count until the day I died, and never reach the hypothetical "end".

My teachers loved me and my parents applauded good marks, but equal friends were hard to find, because, like AR noted with her own son, sometimes something presents out of the blue - "don't hurt people". If her beratement was for not standing up for himself, was she reflecting their (passed-down, common) ethics, or did it "occur" to him.

If he were older, being recruited to fight in a pointless war, would his ethics be challenged, require documentation, not make allowances for because he couldn't recall where he learned that lesson? Or could and had long since learned they might accept "it occured to me"?

Mental hospitals, when someone wakes up from a dream with a "deduction" that is, rather, earth-shattering? In times of old these were seen as the new scientists, were they not.

Working in mental institutions has opened my eyes to a great many things, one being, most people don't belong in them, and those that do, aren't in them. I've even been so bold as to say I could communicate better with the patients than the staff, often having certain ones removed, chopped and changed to more suitable locations - both.

Yet, until the day my son introduced me to such systems, I would have never known. Having been introduced, I wouldn't walk away from those whom cried out to me, in all due respect.

And I am a very public person, most family being ultra private. Their adjustments to my quantum leaps has stunned them at times, to disibelief. My son's did protest when I made moves to effect changes, because I would 'stand out', keeping in mind my oldest was giving us plenty of BAD publicity - who is to challenge right of rebuttal, in defence.

I use this only as my own example. Others would have their experiences too. Go ahead - be bold! Confes a deduction you have drawn, completely and independently, on your own, that is goodly, Godly and ethical by it's most favorable definition.

Note all your examples above are NEGATIVES ... don't do "this", don't do "that". What are their alternatives, as you see them.

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