Feo2: The Evolution of Saving Sick Foetus's

Posted by Feo Amante on Feb 27, 2004 at 09:43

Re: Feo: The Evolution of Saving Sick Foetus's (Kathy)

Okay, well my two cents here is that any affliction we can work with, we should work with. This is why:

Genetic deformities give us new insights into the human code just as much as "normal" ones do. Seeing something go wrong, and discovering why it goes wrong, is every bit as important as seeing something go right.

The universe is arbitrary and chaotic.

We don't have to be. It gives something to us, as a people, to assist others who aren't as able bodied.

Dwarves do marry and produce offspring.

Cleft palates have been around far longer than agent orange, etc. "Evil corporations" are not responsible for the random nature of mutation. That's just a faith-based religion.

That doesn't mean evil corporations don't exist.

People with genetic deformities give us the opportunity - if we are willing to take it and some of us are - to discover our faulty switches and find the means to correct them. By doing so, it is my hope - and based on pretty good evidence - that we will also find the means to genetically improve ourselves.

We can create our next stage of evolution.

There are inherent dangers in that, but not as much danger as submitting to the "natural order" of an indifferent universe.

Natural order is neutral on the subject of intelligence and compassion. To embrace the natural order of things is to level our own intelligence and compassion with neutrality.

2 cents paid.

Feo Amante

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