Re: Feo: The Evolution of Saving Sick Foetus's

Posted by Mike Kremer on Feb 26, 2004 at 22:13

Re: Feo: The Evolution of Saving Sick Foetus's (Feo Amante)

>Well, depending on how you mean "degrading the human race" Stephen Hawking would fit into that category.<
No he would'nt first, he was'nt diagnosed with motor-neurone disease until into his twentys, plus his brains elevated himself into a position of respect and wealth. Able to fend for himself. Also unlikely to have children.
Dwarfs unlikely to find a mate and continue an uneasy genetic trait.
Cleft palate and all similar are almost certainly
the result of ill advised medication or chemicals
taken very early in pregnancy. If i remember correctly certain sleeping tablets taken in excess
were reported to cause this distressing condition.
Agent-orange caused these and other abnormalitys
Clefts, I am pretty certain do not have a genetic origin, and therefore not passed on down. They can generally be repaired with little or no unsightly effect.
Multi digits, probably genetic, are removed only to continue in some later generation. That is not as bad as congenital deafness or blindness?
We have a law in the UK that require a large company to take on one or two deafmutes into the workforce. Commendable yes, but where does it take us, since 'sign language mutes' generally marry their own.
That is not to say they are mentally deficiant,
but they will eventually become reliant upon the state.

Its just that I feel sure we are saving far too many ill, sick, and internally malformed babys.
That the future will reap so much destruction and more, upon unsuspecting familys, that genetic testing of couples might well become the normal thing to do for future caring parents.

Yes its a difficult one...but nature has a way of dealing with its weaklings when left alone.
Refuse all medical aid to weaklings...the future will thank us.

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