Re: The Evolution of Saving Sick Foetus's

Posted by Mike Kremer on Feb 26, 2004 at 11:52

Re: The Evolution of Disgust (Kathleen Eykamp)

Couples normally that normally live together or marry, usually expect to produce a child or children.
What they dont realise is WHY they do not seem able to conceive.
This (difficulty)is caused by many and varied reasons.
Incompatability of body fluids (rare)
Prolonged non specific disease of the woman. ie
Candida albans (Thrush) an similar.
Previous infections due to abortion or other, resulting in closure of fallopian tubes etc
Bad Genetic combinations of couples
Disease and/or low sperm count in males etc
Ill-health and all above and more in combination.

I get the feeling that you are aware of these problems from some of your writings. Now I am not going to admit that i agree with your feelings of disgust. But I am aware that many couples are really desperate for a viable pregnan\cy.

What I think is totally wrong is that modern Health clinics/hospitals totally 'buck' nature
by saving most every living foetus...WHATEVER ITS
STATE of HEALTH. We got too many wheelbound half cretinous humans around today, that we help and support in many ways.
Left alone on the womb, without modern health care,....they would have not matured, died, and not degraded the human race.
You may think my thinking is harsh, but thats because you are only thinking of the unfortunates that you are aware of.
Nature left alone, has away of disposing with its
faulty products....They die a natural death. No need for your disgust. Lets solve the problem at its root. No medical help in promoting pregnancy!
Now what do you think of that....Or are you too wrapped up with religeous zeal?

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