Re: 35 Million Died in the Bird Flue Pandemic of 1918

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Kathleen Eykamp on Feb 22, 2004 at 19:46

Re: 35 Million Died in the Bird Flue Pandemic of 1918 (Mike Kremer)

Bird Flu OR H5M1 virus. Few links available yet, but, by it's exterior protein configuration, it can invade any and all cells of it's host.

It's 'created' when feeding chickens meat, fetal matter and contaminated grain.

Usually H5M1 transmutates through pigs or cats, where this strain looks scarily like it's directly transmutating.

You can, therefore, catch it directly, from live or dead birds, by breathing it, eating it or from direct human contact.

These spell the formula for a Pandemic, human style.

Because it infiltrates the body, every time your cells replicate, that shuffles the deck mixing genetic material, causing genetic mutation.

And they travel the fastest, unheaded.

If you survive it, you can't procreate, nor is there a Vaccine for these types of gene-swapping viruses, because they don't come along often, but strike in pandemic proportions because we have no natural immunity to them.

What can I say? Don't eat Pork, Chicken and nor get too friendly with the family cat. It ain't their fault, however their transmutating capabilities make them an available catalyst - no pun intended.

Other diseases of equal concern are those spread by the ingestion of Prions, MCD - MOST moving from one species through hosts with immunities, as have been most pandemics or plagues.

Apologies for delay, but I am very busy. Keep doing Google research and all will eventually show up, but the labs are only starting to set up the research arms for vaccine research, and looks like it may take a few years to find one.

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