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DA Morgan on Feb 22, 2004 at 08:33

Re: Feo4: Can man go to Mars (Feo Amante)

What you wrote before was:
"your weekly maniacal hate rant against republicans"

And based on my challenge you had to go all the way back to October of last year to find an example. I'm impressed.

Any chance you might acknowledge that once every 5 months ... I have posted something that singled out a Republican? Didn't think so. Idealogues rarely acknowledge their failings.

Probably hasn't occured to you that some people criticize those in power rather than those without power. Last time I checked the Republican Party controls the executive branch and both houses of the legislative branch of the government meaning that not a single piece of legislation has been passed into law without the President's approval. BTW: He hasn't vetoed a single piece of legislation in his entire 3 years in office. So why would I blame the no-power Democrats for all that is bankrupting this country?

So if you want to toady up to the moron-in-chief by all means do so. And while you are licking his boots tell me what he and his buddies have done for you lately?

1. Is Al Qaida defanged?
2. Are you economically better off than you were under mister loose zipper Clinton?
3. Are those lower taxes helping you?
4. Are they helping drop unemployment?
5. Are the costs of health care lower?
6. Are the roads safer and less congested?
7. Is the air and water cleaner?
8. Is the crime rate down?
9. Has the quality of education gone up?

Put aside all of your brown-nosing and what have you got ... we are not one iota better off today than we were under Clinton. Even Leno doesn't have as much good material.

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