Feo3: Can anyone help with genetics question

Posted by Feo Amante on Feb 21, 2004 at 16:50

Re: Feo2: Can anyone help with genetics question (Amaranth Rose)

By all means, complete your epistle. From the beginning I've come in here looking for knowledge and, occassionally, I'll ask for reference books. Googling links can only take you so far, and if you aren't careful and well informed enough, to can get sidetracked by all the crap out there. There have been more than a few times when I'll devote my time to reading something only to find that the writer really has a crackpot agenda that they don't spring on you until the third of fourth chapter. That sudden, "Hey! Wait a minute..."

So on matters of in depth science, where knowledge is required before hand, I generally don't advise anyone to go googling. googling is fine for those who know what they are looking for and have the knowledge to separate the good sites from the crap.

I didn't mean to be impolite to the room, sorry. I was sincere in asking for book titles which could provide good reference and information.

Matt Ridley is hardly the typical crackpot, his book, Genome, is being used as a textbook at schools like The University of San Jose, and his credentials are far more impressive than mine. So I take into account that he may be speaking of a new theory that I'm too ignorant (for the moment) to refute. As I said, genetics is currently a dynamic research.

But homeopathic medicine? HA! Oh yeah! I can refute that no sweat! I'm on solid ground there!

Feo Amante

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