Feo4: Can man go to Mars

Posted by Feo Amante on Feb 21, 2004 at 16:11

Re: Feo3: Can man go to Mars (Amaranth Rose)

Hey, I'm cool with it. I don't mind the occassional wander off topic, but its getting ridiculous, you know?

At any rate, whether we stay here or we go to Mars, our problems remain our problems until we are willing to do something about them in a positive manner.

I don't think we should ever let our problems in how we relate to each other stand in the way of our technological progress.

I honestly believe that our technological advancement propells us toward a better civilization. Those who choose to remain in ignorance are the ones who appear to have the most problems on all levels. So the more we strive toward critical thinking and reason, the more we better ourselves as humans.

My POV anyway.

As to your "sheathe your sabers and ease off on the testosterone manufacturing" statement, I just gotta ask: If this were a debate between you and another woman in the room, and I came in here and asked you both to "please get off the rag and cool your hot flashes", how would you feel about that?

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