Feo3: Can man go to Mars

Posted by Feo Amante on Feb 21, 2004 at 15:31

Re: Feo2: Can man go to Mars (DA Morgan)

So let me see, your weekly maniacal hate rant against republicans in General and Bush in particular – on a science board dealing with threads that have absolutely nothing to do with your prejudices – is because you served your country? LOL!

Knee-jerk liberal hate-speak sloganeering???

THAT is your rational defense?

Well I served my country too! And after completing my full term I got out with an honorable discharge. But what the hell does that have to do with humans landing on Mars (which started this thread)? How does Kerry enter into your continual belligerent hate rant toward Republicans and Bush? What does Senator John McCain have to do with this conversation at all?

What’s with your transparent emotional populist pitch about "bleeding on his belly.” What does that have to do with anything? What does that have to do with putting humans on Mars? What does that have to with offering evidence of your accusation?

Not a damn thing.

Do you really think the people of this room are going to be conned by your non-answer? Is your best defense a shell game?

You further prove my point: yours is an indefensible religion of irrational liberal hate-speak. And like any religion, you attack the questioner because you cannot defend your flimsy faith. Your “purple rhinoceros” as you like to say. You are the one who threw down the challenge, asking ME to prove YOUR baseless accusations. You did this because, obviously, you can't.

As for me being “another guy that feels comfortable yelling "Bring 'em on" when he's never served a day in his life in any real danger.”

It is Kerry and his group, and not Bus,h who feel so comfortable yelling "Bring 'em on!"






Funny how you missed this: I mean, John Kerry has been yapping this buzz phrase since December of last year. It is their campaign slogan for crying out loud
(and their campaign motto is THE REAL DEAL. I’m just telling you this before you attribute it to Bush and further embarrass yourself)!
I suspect that, wherever you are getting your information from, it requires no critical thought on your part.

As for your rant toward me, a Navy veteran, honorably discharged, I’ll just chalk that up to you belching scattershot accusations without credence: tiredly typical of you. I served on the U.S.S. Ranger, CV-61 between 1981 and 1984. Read up on that period, and on the Nov.1, 1983 explosion. I did my duty. I’m not a hero because of it and I don’t pretend to be. I’ll also defend my own actions with my own voice, and not attempt to take a parasite free ride on the experiences / suffering of others, thank you.

And as for your statement, “You are such a proud American. So brave. So fearless. So willing to beat your chest and condemn liberals.”

No, I’m not condemning liberals. I’m condemning you. If you were a conservative coming in here, hijacking the message threads so you could go all bellicose and harp about the evil Kerry or evil Edwards – and never defending your position – I would call you a knee-jerk conservative hater: Which you would be. It is your behavior, not “liberals” (who, like conservatives, are individuals - not faceless proles’ that consist solely of their ideals).

You fall in line behind Senator John McCain of Arizona? But surely you must know that McCain said of George Bush: “He's a good man, and we're going to campaign on the differences we have, rather than trying to label somebody as something which clearly they're not.” McCain also believes that Ronald Reagan’s deregulation of American industry
(part of the so-called “Reaganomics”)
is what contributed to the boom times of the Clinton era
(though he gives Bill proper respect too)


You should try to emulate your idol more.

But don’t put McCain and Kerry together. McCain is cheering Kerry now because he hopes Kerry will beat his former rival. Back in 1973, McCain had a whole other story.


Even back in 2003, McCain called Kerry’s pet project, “Big Dig”
“the biggest, most costly public works project in U.S. history.”

Of course, with so many liberal magazines gushing over Sen. John McCain, it is no wonder that you blindly follow suit. John McCain had good things to say about Ronald Reagan and his policies, George Bush 41, Bill, and Bush Jr. It’s obvious that there would be more problems between Bush Jr. and McCain, they ran a race against each other and McCain lost. Moreover, he alienated his own party because they backed Bush Jr. too
(they did that because McCain, more often than not, sides against conservative issues and votes on liberal issues).
He’s been siding even stronger with the liberals ever since and the liberals know it. Hell, the whole journalistic world knows it.








And because McCain votes on so many liberal issues, and works with Democrats on most of the projects he hooks into, the press has given him a free ride. They do this to make it look like the idea of a Liberal press, is a myth. I shattered that myth yesterday.


This is also not an attack on McCain. So Democrats love him! More power to him! I’m just using these references to show how disingenuous your “conservative love” for McCain really is.

So on that note, as for calling me a hypocrite: this shows that the hypocrite is you. I proved my point, I’ve shown my references, I can make my statements stick. All you can do is flame out, catcall, and purge all the other crippled defenses of an insipid mind.


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