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Posted by paul on Feb 21, 2004 at 12:07

Re: Can man go to Mars (Measurement)

measure this then and think about it.
if a pipe has water in it.
and the water is flowing in the pipe.
flowing at a rate of 10 feet per second.
and the water in the pipe weights 10 lbs per foot of lenght of pipe.
and the pipe is 1000 feet long.
the force that would be needed to stop the water from moving in one second would be
10 lbs X 10 fps X 1000 ft = 100,000 ft-lb/sec
if the pipe were 10 times that long the force
needed to stop the water
would be 1,000,000 ft-lb/sec.
if the pipe were circular so that water could be taken from one end and put into the other end
then the only energy required to cause the flow of water would be the energy needed to lift the
10 ft section of water each second out of the one end and replace it into the other end.
100 lbs lifted to a height of 1 ft in one second
requires a mere 100 ft-lb/sec...
100 ft lbs/sec vs 1,000,000 ft-lbs/sec...
the numbers dont lie they only prove the
possibility of free energy as
1,000,000 ft-lbs/sec = apx 1818 H.P. / sec
1 H.P. is the lifting of 550 lbs to a height of 1 ft in one second.
there are .76 kW in a H.P.
so ...
1381.kW / sec

the time required to restart the flow of water should be less than 3 seconds.

this means that every three seconds you should be able to get about 1381 kW and this can be done 20 times each minute for a approximate total of 27,620 kW per hour...

and all this from a water pipe that holds apx
277 cubic inches of water each foot in lenght of pipe (less than 6 inch diameter)...

believe it or not , the funny thing about numbers is that they dont lie ...
and they are used in ( measurements ).

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