Re: Feo: Can man go to Mars

Posted by on Feb 20, 2004 at 13:36

Re: Feo: Can man go to Mars (Feo Amante)

Even nut case fringe groups are right some of the time.

I've got a simple question for you.

Name one thing in life the GWB has been successful at other than fleecing the American economy?

Was he a good member of the reserve?
How about a good student at Yale?
A good businessman?
How about a good baseball team owner?

He ain't no Ronald Reagan.
He ain't no JFK
He ain't no FDR
He ain't no Woodrow Wilson either.

Speaking of JFK wasn't he the junior Senator from Massachusetts that used to pilot a PT boat in combat and then became President of the United States? JFK ... John Forbes Kerry.

I think so.

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