Re: Feo2: Can anyone help with genetics question

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Feb 20, 2004 at 09:52

Re: Feo2: Can anyone help with genetics question (Feo Amante)

You have such a nice way of saying that at times some of us get a bit overly passionate. I can, and will, refute the "Junk DNA" notion, with just three words. But since you so kindly posted the link to the book digest, I thought I would scrutinize it before I do so. I thought everyone knew why this is not credible scientifically, I really did. I've known since third or fourth grade why this is a bunko notion; you do also, but you don't realize it yet. I'll read what the man has to say. But the answers are within the human genome, and the human race, themselves.

Now I'll try to be good, and go back to my cave and do my work and put together a POLITE, studied response, now that I've gotten over the system shock. If you or anyone else stumbles upon why this 3% business cannot be true, before I chance to complete my epistle, I'll applaud loudly, and be very proud of whomever. The answers are in plain sight. Perhaps that is why they seem so obscure.

Didn't know what to expect, did you?

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