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Posted by paul on Feb 20, 2004 at 06:34

Re: Can man go to Mars (Kathleen Eykamp)

if there were a way to persuade the government in the use of free energy devices in space then space travel would be no problem.
however if the word ever gets out that free energy is possible then there would be a corresponding loss is government revenues.
at present billions of dollars are being wasted on such stupid schemes as ( solar wind ) ha ha ha...
and tossing nuclear bombs out the back of a spaceship and letting the explosion push the craft.
ha ha ha...
when a simple free energy device would propel the ship much faster and much further.

and with greater reliability.

but the use of free energy would make too much sence and there is no perpetual usage of fossile fuels involved --> no pocket linners for those who control energy resources...

question.. if you worked for the department of energy , would you try to get funding for a machine that WOULD end your job?

most of the funds that are given for research from the departmet of energy is fossile fuel related.

as uncle al says "maximum consumption is the real world norm" ( estimated near miss )

live long and destroy the planet as much as possible while you can still breath the ever increasing mixture of toxic gasses.

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