Re: Feo: Can anyone help with genetics question

Posted by Dogrock on Feb 19, 2004 at 17:51

Re: Feo: Can anyone help with genetics question (Nuno Bento)

The debate is interesting, but mostly for the lack of effort to refute your arguments by clear, simple, consistent statements without emotion or recriminations. I might think you're wrong because maybe junk dna is misnamed or the situation must be more complicated than your simplistic explanation. My experience of all other aspects of life show there is not simplistic arguments. But I would realy like a clear explanation as to why you are wrong or an admittance that the common understanding of the layman is wrong and an explanation why this maybe so. Maybe we just simply don't know enough about DNA to refute a story built to fit the findings but itself based on no scientific research. I think you're wrong for reasons expressed above, but don't like the answers you've got.

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