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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Feb 19, 2004 at 07:16

Re: Feo3: Can anyone help with genetics question (Nuno Bento)

There are too many other good books on the subject written by people far more knowledgeable than I. I'm only the messenger. I doubt anyone would be interested in the frustrate ramblings of a dying old woman.

Do you know what an intron is yet? Have you learned what Sonic Hedgehog is (the gene, not the cartoon character), and why it is so important? Do you know what a knockout mouse is? Do you understand the reading frame of a strand of DNA? Ever heard of a codon? Know where to look for the "TATA" region of a strand of DNA, and what it's for? You cannot possibly hope to read anything meaningful that I might write on the subject; you don't know the first thing about genetics, DNA or survival.

By the same token I know nothing about accounting. I don't presume to tell accountants what to think or what's important or what they need to know. You're not going to see me on some accounting site telling you how to do your job or what spreadsheet to spread on or what to spread on it. I know where my limits are, and I don't presume to proselytize to others abaout something I don't understand myself. I read with an open, questioning mind, not one that credulously accepts at face value what someone with an agenda to push has written. If you believe that 97% of your DNA is "Junk" then how far a step is it to believieng that 97% of the humans on Earth are junk--and automatically knowing which portion you fall into? You create me a fully functional, capable, completely normal human being, perfect in every way, out of only 3% of the DNA in the human genome, and I'll buy into your theory. BUT, you have to do it without any form of Sonic Hedgehog or HOX or PAX or MEGF1.

Show me what's trash. Prove it. Scientifically.

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