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Kathy on Feb 18, 2004 at 22:35

Re: How to avoid Virus Infections (Amaranth Rose)

I like your picturesque description - can see it in my mind! I had though it more likely in the order of a meteor strike, like before - and will undoubtedly happen again eventually, or some major nuclear mishap, blasting earth into it's 'new' orbit, although it might not be quite as circular, nor move quite the same way? I've long believed part of the cause in earth changes is due to the large-scale mega-mining of alluvia's. A fine watchmaker might appreciate the analogy as regards weight displacement + physics or impossible legistics involved to detail or map redistribution. It's not worth much thought, however, as there's no hope of ever repairing that.

I would expect men to come up with some way of bombing ourselves, trying to throw us ... where? Or punching a hole in earth's magma, the resultant volcanic explosion to propel us? Blow up something, they will, and why is left to our own devices. Look at Russia's, Putin - how EMBARRASSING! It didn't 'go off'! His guns failed him, and all he wanted to demonstrate is how he could wipe an entire city off the face of the earth. Wonder which one he had in mind ... any guesses? Or maybe he doesn't have any one in mind.


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