Re: Can anyone help with genetics question

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Feb 18, 2004 at 15:49

Re: Can anyone help with genetics question (Nuno Bento)

There is no such thing as "junk DNA". there is DNA that we know that it does, and there is DNA that we don't know what it does. Would you take a car engine apart and throw away everything for which you don't know the function? Organisms can't afford to carry "junk" around; the resources for copying and protecting the DNA molecules an organism carries make it ludicrous for it to carry any it does not need. Any organism has to compete; excess luggage it cannot afford.

People who put their names to things about which they know nothing and are absolutely ignorant are a dime a dozen; no, even cheaper, a penny a gross. Three percent of the human genome gets you something on the order of a bacterium, a germ. You want to be a germ? Have at it! Think! Think!! THINK!!! Just don't ask me to feed and care for your "3%" offspring. I'll send them where they belong: to the autoclave with all the other stinking, festering, disease-causing GERMS on this putrid planet.

All you've discovered is a charismatic lout with an agenda to push and a glib, snake-oiled tongue to push this idea. Take the scales from your eyes and see things as they really are! Think for yourself!

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