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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Feb 18, 2004 at 13:30

Re: How to avoid Virus Infections (Mr. Kite)

Doug is the entity who invented "Alice" (Access Limiting Interrogative Control Entity, remember?) He's a real Prince, charming, suave, debonaire, devastatingy handsome. Not very down to Earth, though. You might say he's kind of a space-case.

Being around Doug is kind of like being at the eye of a hurricane of Chaos in the space-time continuum. There's ths little "island" of relative calm when you're near him, outside of which all he** is breaking loose in terms of Chaos.

Chaos simply is; it has no purpose, meaning or value; it is neither good nor bad. Chaos is; or to put it another way, shit happens. It isn't good or bad; what you do with what's left and the values you place on it, where you go from there with what you have to work with, are what makes it good or bad, subjectively. One person's good is another's bad, perhaps. If I told you you could live 500 years, you might be overjoyed. But if I told you that the latter 450 of those years would be spent inside a Grafflesian podvine cluster being slowly absorbed under very painful conditions by a Grafflesian to nurture its young, would you have a different point of view about it?

If I told you that you could spend seventeen days in agony that is virtually indescribable, followed by months and months of torture, and that you would never be the same, mentally or physically, but you'd still be alive, would you choose not to?

Would you choose to remain still and move the universe? And if you could, would you? Chief Seathle once observed that if we tug on anything in Nature, we find that it is attached to the rest of the world. So I think it is the same with the universe; if we seek to alter our position, we will find that there will be a result, most likely undesirable, definitely unexpected. Chaos puts us where we are. We choose our purpose, give ourselves a destiny, whether consciously or unconsciously. We can choose to sour and fester, to wither like a raisin in the sun, sucking the life and light from those around us; or we can take root and grow, nurturing others as we ourselves grow and ripen, giving them space and hope and purpose.

No, I don't ride a motorcycle, except with people whom I love and trust. Don't get to do that often enough these days. I almost lost one of my favorite motorycle riders to a Staph infection in the leg last month that went systemic and nearly killed him. I'm thankful for the reprieve, and the second chances it gave him and those who love him. But Black Molly is a beautiful image in my mind, and the song is a very poignant and haunting melody. I'm no great beauty, and my great romances will likely always stay between the pages of a book or the pixels on my screen, but I can admire Black Molly and her James.

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