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Andy on Feb 17, 2004 at 18:37

Re: Hubble's "Eye of God"-NOT (Mike Kremer)

Eh, I don't know about finding an officially named "eye of heaven" nebula. I found the scientific denotation of the hourglass nebula by searching google. I ended up with which yielded two site showing the same hourglass nebula with the same scientific numerical designation, MyCn18. Apparently they're calling it what they want... appreciating it for what it is. The important people named MyCn18 "An Hourglass Nebula." Not too specific, which is why the only designation that matters is MyCn18.

I seriously doubt any scientist would use anything artistic like "eye of heaven" because it's too broad. Anything that looks like an eye could be confused with whatever NASA meant. Cats Eye is pretty simple, but still not a good designation because I found two in my short cursory search that would fit the description.

I should think that's why scientists don't use the popular name. MyCn18. NGC6543. No room for confusion. I think calling NGC7293 "eye of god" is fine if it's easier to remember that way. Or, one could call it "The Helix Nebula." I honestly don't think it makes any difference, they're both still the same swirl of dirt and gas, NGC7293.

Semantics semantics semantics. No one debates the real designation, only the flowery words applied to it later.

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