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Cure for Gravity on Feb 17, 2004 at 18:33

Re: Global warming and water (Mike Kremer)

Higher temperature means more evaporations: saltier water, espicially in the Med; the main source of salt water of the Atlantic. Upset? The system is entierly dynamic and based on heat convection and differences in salt concentrations due to evaporation and depth. Gulf Stream failing? Hmmm, The increased energy has to go somewhere, It can't just shut down. Maybe it will increase in width and speed. But NOBODY can know for sure.

We but just discovering how Nature is very dynamic and how it manages to stay stable through complex dynamic systems. "Gaia" has some call it. In fact, Lovelock, in the lillies world anecdoct gives us more reason to stay calm than to become gaian malcontents.

Revenge towards mankind is anthropomorphism; Don't fall for the trap.

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