Re: Feo: Stellar cause of Ordovician Extinction?

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Jan 08, 2004 at 14:32

Re: Feo: Stellar cause of Ordovician Extinction? (Feo Amante)

The idea you posit, that of the possibility of repeated rise and fall of technologcally advanced civilizations, with some survivors bailing out and journeying to other worlds to "seed" them with humanoid types, forms the basis for my science fiction universe; many planets populated by related, genetically compatible humanoid races, with different values, customs, and lifestyles, the result of emigration from worlds threatened with imminent disaster. Some have degenerated into barbarism, while others retained their technological superiority for one reason or another. One reason for retaining technology is when it is vital to survival. And wait until you see what happens when the scientist types get to experimenting with the native fauna!

You'd think, though, that those preceeding ueber-civilizations would have left some sort of evidence in the fassil record. I mean, they can't have all lived in grass and paper huts, can they?

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