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Andy on Feb 17, 2004 at 15:36

"Intelligent Design" Movement Wants To Satisfy Both Evolutionists And Creationists.

I just wanted to comment that I think it's cute that the author/editor included a traditional catholic religious icon in an article about Intelligent Designists (that's my new way of referring to ID people. ... Intelligent Designers could work, but I see "interior decorator" or "good programmer" when I read that.) when many ID people don't believe in an organized god structure (I don't get it either), much less a Catholic god. It does fit with the theme of the page, however, which is a delightful sarcasm. I remember D. Morgan's thoughts that this is all a psychology experiment. If it's not, it would make a damn good one... maybe sociology.

I think the whole EvolutionCreation debate is silly, personally. We're here now, I don't think god not existing or existing is dependent on how we got here.

I really like the picture of "Dr. Jackass" as I've come to call him next to the forum archive. I think it's fitting.

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