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Andy on Feb 17, 2004 at 15:07

Re: Hubble's "Eye of God"-NOT (Mike Kremer)

I think giving them religious names makes them easier to remember on test day.

I think it's possible we're mixing up our eyes, though. The Eye of Heaven's real name is MyCn18 and looks like this, whereas NGC6543 looks like this

.... Neither of these beauties look precisely like the "eye of god" picture we saw.

To make it easier on you people, I'll make a nice little table here:

Kathy's "eye of god"

Mike's NGC6543, "cats eye nebula

NASA's MyCn18, "eye of heaven"

Eye of God?

NASA's NGC6543 a.k.a the cat's eye nebula

NASA's MyCn18 an hourglass nebula a.k.a eye of heaven

Methinks rather than a pithy debate about semantics it's wiser to call them what you want and appreciate them for what they are.

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