Re: Hubble's "Eye of God"-NOT

Posted by Mike Kremer on Feb 17, 2004 at 04:52

Re: Hubble's "Eye of God" (Kathy)

It seems that a (religious?) website renamed it 'the eye of god' once it was recoloured and composited back in May 1993.
The original picture was taken way back, by the Anglo Australian Telescope in April 1996 (and looks far different) It's official name is:-NGC7293 or the HELIX Nebula. It has never been
named 'the eye of god'.
There is an official named 'Eye' in the sky.
Named by NASA as "The Cats Eye Nebula" or NGC6543
Below are the Official pictures in order of mention.
Original HELIX picture NGC7293
attempted religious renaming of HELIX, when recoloured
Official Cats Eye, named by NASA (NGC6543)
same Cats Eye (above)after recolouring
**Do you really think astronomical objects should be given Religious names,....NASA dos'nt.

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