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Q Gang on Feb 17, 2004 at 03:53

Re: Mr Morgan, If you did not read my website, how do you get your answers? (DA Morgan)

Thanks for yoru reply.

1. No friction is means no phyical touch. What is wrong?

2. Put black text on black background, the porpure is for search engning easy to find.

3. No drag, No resistance, if you read my all webpage, you will know my meaning is the drag force is too small to be detected on bicycle. Such as light will bend by Sun's attraction but because bend force is too small, we do not need count it in normal life.

4. You may be the next winner of Nobel Prize in Physics. I am a inventor (not a scientist) I do not care of why things working. I just make a working product. In moden phytsics theory, Newtown will be a fool or a fraud?

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