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Q Gang on Feb 16, 2004 at 06:08

Re: Thanks, I want to say more! (Mike kremer)

Hi Mike

1. I am not a scientist, I do not know why and how this system working. I do not know what is the tumbling magnet's exact movement in the coil because it tumbling too fast. I need a high speed camera to find out. But I haven't one.

2. Inside a coil, there is a 6mm X 19mm botton shape magnet. On the wheel the magnet is 3mm X 19mm magnet. The coil is about 2000-4000 turns. If you have similar magnets (any magnets will do) in your hand, put one is a film-can and move another one outside, you will see the tumbling movement. Because the tumbling magent is freely set in the film-can, it is difficult to discribe its exact movement. But the movement can generating enough power to light up about at lest 20 leds.

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