How to avoid Virus Infections

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Kathy on Feb 15, 2004 at 16:28

Tips to Avoid Computer Virus Infections

As Virus attacks are common place, some opening before you can delete them (Outlook Express and when in the body of an email), I would make the following suggestions:-

#1 Avoid opening Attachments or sending Attachments

Cut or Copy and Paste messages or forwards into a new email
Click in text box to be copied
Right Click and, 'Select All'
Right Click again and 'Copy'
Create a new email
Click in text box
Right Click and select 'Paste'
Remove all addresses within the body and Delete the old message
Provide links in written form (i.e. www.whatever!org ) within body of email
Drag Mouse over the text link (begins w/ http or www, as above, OR
Double click on the link address in the Web Address window to highlight
Right Click once for a menu
select 'Copy’
Return to, or Create a new email and Right Click inside text box
Select ‘Paste’ , then, use Keyboard, ‘Space’, and/or ‘Enter’

#2 Use BCC (Blind carbon copy) function, forwarding to more than one person

Many still forward with all addresses fully displayed
sometimes pages of them
picked up by virus freaks and incorporated into their "hit lists"
puts recipients at risk
friends, family and business associates
Not all virus spreaders are virus creators
Internet form of rage
Passive/aggressive types save the worst ones for "ammunition"

#3 Outlook Express or Outlook users

Always leave an opened letter in your 'In-Box'
prevents first letter arriving from opening
Re-set the 'Read' time to at least 20 seconds
Time to view before the Program 'opens' it, as read
Click on "Tools", then "Options"
Click on "Read" tab
set for up to 60 seconds (as is mine)
Click, "Apply"
Click, "OK"
prevents immediate opening of emails
allows checking relevant email or to, "Delete"

#4 Initiate Serious, "Blocks", at the Server level

Stops virus reaching your computer
Servers don't like it
makes them give you service

#5 My Next Initiative

Encourage all servers to have virus-ware
that intercepts virus infections
don't shunt them on to their consumers (you)
as mine below
Feel free to
write your server’s help and/or support link(s), and request same
include a copy of this "lesson", if you like
Kathleen Eykamp


Consumer Advocate



Post Win 95 (no more support)
Immediately after purchase
as soon as they become available
set “Settings” to show all available updates on the “Taskbar”
FREE Email stripping program

No Strings attached
Removes >>><<<< from forwards
fast to install to desktop (too easy)
fast to use (as 1 2 3)
reduce to, ‘Task Bar”, for handy use
FREE AVG virus protection is the best of it’s kind

No Strings attached
requires basic computer skills to install and set up
no support w/free version
regular free up-dates

NOTE: I have no financial interest in the above mentioned Companies nor Applications, however do have an interest in how well they work

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