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Re: galaxies formed "earlier"...and "faster" too... (anyman)

they have found young dinosaurs as well as adults. In addition, there have been eggs found and evidence of the unborn dinos can be teased from the rock.

One study shows young hadrasaurs with large vacules(sp?) bone structure. These vacules(?) resemble those found in birds and mammals, which adds evidence to the theory that hadrasaurs,a t least, were endothermic with a rapid growth spurt (compared to the cold blooded lizards who do not have the same vacules(sp?) and growth cycle).

They have found dinos of all ages, dude. I don't know what your sources are but this evidence is out there. Just the other night on the Science Channel, one paleontologist was holding a tooth of a young/baby T-Rex, comparing it to chew marks on a big bone found in the same strata as the tooth, and saying this was proof that the big T's killed and a litter of T-Rex pups was eating with the elder (Mamma T, I suppose).

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