Make ‘em live true – go get ‘em Bobba – (Judge orders break-up of God Theomonopoly)

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Re: ROTFLMAO -- the worst ad hom you could use on me ... (bobbapink)

Good quotes. And thanks.

The quote from Maurice Strong was a new one to me. A shocker. The quote from Sir John Houghton is one I've also heard religious folk make in various forms.

I say that efforts such as yours are really efforts to bring science true to its best calling – robustly challenging every claim. Granting no claim special status. I admire your dogged refusal not to bow down and bend your servile neck to the idolatry of mere authority (of, Greenpeace, et al). Contra: I bear true believers in God no ill will. I think faith can exist alongside science. My wife is a theist. I love her, and have going on 30 years, to the point of blind idiolatry. But, in my professional and commonsense life, the mere possibility of a coexistence between science and religion doesn't impose on me a single grant of special privilege to religion or anyone else to make wild and absurd claims and get away with them and hide and cower from searing scrutiny. Science at best means that authorities (scientists) get no special status as ‘authorities' (what a joke), but instead, our authorities get the most brutal and punishing scrutiny from the rest of the community.
Make ‘em live true Bobba. Beat ‘em up!

Bobba, break up the monopoly (of claims to enviro authority)?

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