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Re: Bringing it to the top with Dan -- Rethinking Dale's position (DA Morgan)

We are getting close to an agreement here. We both agree (I think) that something reasonable should be done.

If you think we are getting close, i think you are mistaken. IOW, something reasonable should be done about what?

But it appears that you listen to the fanatics and decide that because they talk the loudest they will get what they want if anything is done.

Are you attacking the argument or the one making the argument? What is it called when one does that? I would ask address the argument.

I think reasonable things will happen if reasonable people advocate doing reasonable things.

I can't figure out what that statement implies.

To advocate doing nothing ... just gives more power to the fanatics ... on both sides.

do nothing about what exactly? Seeing how i don't really know what 'what' you're talking about, let me demonstrate why that statement is incorrect: What if you don't know what you're doing - would doing something, as opposed to nothing, be an improvement?

how 'bout a real life example you can no doubt relate to: You are chief DBA for a major corporation. You just hired (enslaved really) a new wet-behind-the-ears intern. Everyone's out to lunch and, by mistake, the intern was left holding down the fort. VP Anderson, a corporate big wig and idiot, calls and states he is quite sure that the data he entered last week is missing and wants the intern to pull out the backups and reload the data from last week.

Now - should he do nothing or should he do something?

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