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Re: Proof of Danny's Alzheimer's (Dale)

If DA has Alzheimer's, then I say we need more it.
DA is the D.A. Any man willing to give up his Jag and put his money where his mouth is, is one who deserves a hearing from me. He's the district attorney for the district of his own mind, and he's arguing his case very well for global concerns.

Dale, you did a good job here yourself. Your 250 million? .. vaccinations, hungry persons, increase in security of the US borders, a national information network to better track disease, weatherize 30,000 homes (my favorite: I volunteer to do this for poor folk), funding for the Reading First program. And on. Good stuff. Compared to refrigerators.

Bear in mind there are possibly many readers here in this forum, like me, trained in biology and trained in law (which includes the morass of enviro statutes and regs) who still consider themselves (like me) extremely baffled. And largely ignorant how to add all this stuff up.

Bobba is right that the science is so inextricably in bed with politics that we can't tell the difference.

DA is one D.A. willing to put his money where his mouth is. What more could we ask of anyone on either side so long as both sides understand that we're arguing a hellish mix of science and politics? Isn't it the case that arguing must be adversarial in policy matters? How could it be otherwise? Where is pure science in all this? Huh?

One of my own interests (not relevant: just for bias) is a bit more local. Like when lying inveterate science-bastards in research hospitals steal spleen cells from patients. And get away with it despite the patients' express refusal to give consent. Patent them. Make money. Don't give patients a cut. We're all guinea pigs. We don't even know it. But, the global issues you guys fence with with seem damn near transcomputable. In my limited brain-power book. Beyond computation. Staggering.

Nonetheless, keep arguing. DA has some damn fine points. Alzheimer's isn't in the mix.

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