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Posted by Natalie L. Smith on Feb 07, 2002 at 15:10

Re: Best Grab your Hemp Quick (I. S.)

I live in the "bible belt" and most of the churches preach pretty loudly against alcohol of any sort, beer and wine included. So, most of the young people absolutely equate drinking alcoholic beverages with "being bad". If you, as an adult, mention having had a glass of wine with dinner, the kids all look at you with complete shock as if you have just confessed to murder. Yet, those same kids go out and drink to inebriation every weekend and even sometimes come to class loaded. I think the reasoning is that, once you have allowed a sip of alcohol to enter your mouth, you have already committed a terrible sin and now there is no real reason not to keep drinking to excess. In other words, choosing to drink means choosing to "be bad" and that means drunkeness and the rest of the sordid kit and kaboodle - - which, of course, reinforces to the few kids who choose not to drink that drinking is "bad". The whole concept of responsible drinking is almost completely foreign.

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