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Amaranth Rose on Feb 07, 2002 at 07:28 (

Re: And they're off... (DA Morgan)

I can't handle the hot-dog concession, but I'd be willing to sell chips, and hamburgers, pickles and sodas. Ooh, and there's these neat barbecue beef sandwiches, and maybe some sloppy joes, too. You can have your choice of onions, pickle relish, mustard or catsup, if you like, for free, but cheese is extra. And for an extra dime, we'll give you a plate to put it on. ;-)

I think there should be popcorn. Available. For those that like it, you know? Maybe cotton candy and snow cones. Heck we could go all out and get a shaved ice machine, you know? All that's lacking is some kind of yeast leavened baked goods, and we could have our own bread and circuses. :-)

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