Re: The Origins Of Spin

Posted by Terry on Feb 06, 2002 at 21:48

Re: The Origins Of Spin (DA Morgan)

I was wondering the same thing. In that Brief History of Time book the author makes an exclamatory comment about how quarks with 1/2 spin have to make two "complete rotations" in order to have their original appearance. Since the author finds this observation so amazing it really really made me wonder how it could be possible that a particle could have one appearance at one position and then a different one at 180 degrees and then the same one again at 360??? I would assume that I just have no concept of what is being presented were it not for Dr Hawking being so amazed. But then in view of the value-assignment explaination given by Morgan, above, I'm back to thinking that I have no idea what it is I am even pondering. Sorry.

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