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DA Morgan on Feb 06, 2002 at 15:41 (

Re: Great start Dan, now let's continue... (bobbapink)

Let me put this same issue forward again in a way that is not politically charge.

Replace global climatic change/global warming with being hit by an asteroid.

So far the threat is purely theoretical. And likely as not any incoming asteroid will land somewhere other than on your or my house.

Should we invest resources in preparing to divert or destroy incoming space rocks? If so how much? If not why not? Once again we are talking a theoretical threat but with the possiblity of widespread catastrophic destruction if it happens. And once again the resources are from taxpayers.

Based on your statements in this thread. I assume that you think no resources should be expended on preparing to stopping asteroids ... until such time as we find one on a collision course with earth (or perhaps with your neighborhood).

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