Tsunami Researcher Makes Big Splash With Landslide Model

Posted by Dale on Feb 06, 2002 at 09:30
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Grilli notes that tsunamis occur all the time – perhaps thousands each year, the majority in the Pacific Ocean – but most are too small to notice. Two or three times each decade, though, large tsunami waves kill hundreds of people, most recently in 1998 when 2,000 people were killed in Papua, New Guinea.

"Those we worry most about occur in shallow water close to shore, because they hit the coast quickly without any warning," he said. "And if they hit in low-lying areas, the wave can propagate far inland and cause serious flooding and loss of life."


Global warming on the other hand must be stopped at any price because it won’t just produce a one time 60 foot wave; it will produce a permanent rise of 3 inches – maybe more!!!

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