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Re: ... then put your tail between your legs (last response) (Natalie L. Smith)

Only one??

Yes, only one where there was a required text that was never referenced in class. Some had no text and many had required reading lists but it was a shock to start the semester all prepared with the proper outrageously priced text only to hear an instructor say he wouldnít be using it as a foundation.

Öyou, as a teacher, are supposed to bend over backward until your spine snaps to work around everyone's emotional and academic deficiencies.

And that seems to be the root of the problem. It is the teacherís responsibility to teach but it is the studentís responsibility to learn. I guess I wouldnít last long in the public school system. Iím more interested in teaching than in making the students feel good about their inadequacies.

But, you have to pay me for it!

Sounds like we have a deal. You teach 20% more and Iíll pay 20% more. Hey, Iíll even give you 2 weeks of paid vacation like everyone else (this isnít France) as long as you work overtime for no additional pay to make up the lost production (like all other professionals).

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