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Re: Chickens in space, could it be a reality or just a dream? (Martin)

I read this and thought you were having a little laugh at this forums expense, but I decided to investigate a little further.

The Alaska Project by ISECCo (International Space Exploration and Colonization Co.) involves the building of a CELSS (Closed Ecological Life Support Systems) habitat in Alaska to help develop technology for its future use in space. Of the 2.5 floors involved in its construction, the bottom floor will be devoted to crop growth, aquaculture and possibly CHICKENS and rabbits for meat. The habitat is named "Nauvik".

If you were having a giggle, it's back-fired slightly, hasn't it?

A few links related to CELSS:
Space Colonies
Crop Physiology Laboratory - CELSS
Functions of a CELSS

btw, the only reference I could find to "Orbital Chicken" is that it's a track by The Cosmic Watergate.

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