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The resources will come from where resources always come.

That's right, individuals such as you and me, our moms and pops, neighbors and loved ones. What kind of resources are we talking about here? Do you know?

Like the resources used to advocate drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

In the long run, i'd agree. If said advocacy is successful, what are the economic results?

Or the resources used to pave roads.

I agree. If said roads are paved, what are the economic results?

Or the resources used to inspect poultry...

If said poultry are inspected, what are the arguable health results?

,,,, Or the resources used to Xray baggage at airports.

If said baggage is X-rayed, what are the security results?

There is no Easter Bunny.

Agreed. TANSTAAFL - Heinlein

Now, what are the economic results of expending these resources toward “curbing” global warming? How will we Save Civilization™ if we do so?

When you compare these economic results with…

The odds that the enforced CO2 reduction policy actually reducing to any measurable degree the increase in global CO2

Multiplied by

The odds that said reduction effects by any measurable degree in reduction in global warming

Multiplied by

The odds that the absence of said measurable decrease would be detrimental to civilization?

What do you come up with?

IOW, what are we likely to get for our dime?

BTW, after the final multiplication, is the result greater than, or less than, the odds of the Easter Bunny existence?

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