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Re: ... then put your tail between your legs (last response) (Natalie L. Smith)

Wonderful points, all of you.

Much to think about. [Like objectively teaching Evolution in the manner outlined above for objectively teaching Creation -- i.e., pointing out the holes in the theory (Evolutionists have yet to win any structured debates); like the reading problems Natalie points to (the researched remediation of which--at Pitt, 30 years ago--is ignored); like letting students have a voice in Curriculae (wonder where "Beverly Hills 90210" or "Sex in the City" sex ed would fit in?--no, don't go there); like the assumed integrity of all the august players involved (watch the papers for the next 60-90 days -- I have a major literature search paper coming out on scientific integrity -- It's a medicine BOMB shell!)]

Much to think about, indeed....

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