Re: ... then put your tail between your legs (last response)

Posted by Natalie L. Smith on Feb 05, 2002 at 11:10

Re: ... then put your tail between your legs (last response) (Dale)

Shocked and amazed am I, but I believe we have consensus!!!!!! I actually agree with the large part of your posting! However, a couple of minor points need attention.

> > "And before you say this won't work, I once had a graduate course where the instructor started the first day with "This is the text for this course. You are expected to read it and you will be tested on its contents. I will not be using it for my lectures. I will be discussing what is not in this book and you will be tested on that also.” We covered more than twice what would have been covered in a “normal” class. You just trade class time for homework time."

Only one?? As I recall, that was the story of my life in grad school. Except it wasn't a text - - it was stacks and stacks of journal articles...Endless... ANYWAY, you can't do that in high school. I mean, literally, you can't - - as in - - it's not permitted. The students would go running to the principal and your a** would be cooked and, perhaps, rightfully, since many of your students have reading deficiencies and, at the high school level, you, as a teacher, are supposed to bend over backward until your spine snaps to work around everyone's emotional and academic deficiencies.

> >"But if time is really a problem then let’s get rid of the 3 month annual vacation."

Excuse me. Middle of June until middle of August is TWO months. And, I think it is interesting that, when teachers complain about low salaries, they are reminded that they are only being paid for 10 months and that they could always get a temp job in the summer (ha). So, ...sure...I'll cheerfully give the two months. But, you have to pay me for it!

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